Program in English


11:00 ~ 11:05 Opening

Invited Lecture

11:05 ~ 11:35 

Tomoya Higashihara (Yamagata University)

L1Intramolecular Pd catalyst-transfer system in Migita-Kosugi-Stille coupling polycondensation and its application to organic electronics

11:35 ~ 12:05   

Tomohiro Ago (Ibaraki University)

L2Synthesis of Partially Fluorinated Aromatic Polymers by Utilizing the Reactivity of Fluoroalkenes

12:05 ~ 12:15 Poster presentation by company

Kohei Goto

Polyimide for EngineersPolymer Design for High Performance and Functionalization

12:15 ~ 13:30 Lunch

Poster Presentation by students

13:30 ~ 14:15 Odd numbers

14:15 ~ 15:00 Even numbers

Invited Lecture

15:10 ~ 15:45 

Yusuke Tsuda

L3 “Surface Wettability Control of Polyimide Surface by Photo-irradiation 

15:45 ~ 16:20 

Hiroki Fukumoto (Ibaraki University)

L4Efficient synthesis of fluorine-containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their polymerization

16:20 ~ 16:30 Rest

16:30 ~ 17:05 

Shinji Ando (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

L5Analysis and functionalization of anisotropic changes in structure and properties of heat-resistant polymers under high pressure and temperature

17:05 ~ 17:40 

Yoshiyuki Ohishi (Iwate University)

L6 Synthesis of Low Dielectric loss Polymers having Perfluoroalkylene Chains

17:40 ~ 18:20

Miriam M. Unterlass (University of Konkstanz Germany) 

L7Towards highly crystalline polyimides by hydrothermal synthesis

18:20 ~ 18:40 Closing

Program of Poster Presentation by students

P1 Hiroki MIYAZAKI (Kurume National College of Technology)

Development of carbon electrode derived from polyimides 

P2 Satoshi Kuretani (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Observation of the Formation of Polyimide Particles by Small-Angle X-ray Scatter

P3 Rika MARUI (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

 “Characterization of Higher-order Structures and Evaluation of Thermophysical Property of Liquid Crystallin Epoxy Resin for Insulating and Highly Thermal Conducting Resin”

P4 Erina Yoshida (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

 “Synthesis of polyimides containing chain-length-controlled polysiloxanes

P5 Atsuko Tabuchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Photophysical processes of a multicolor fluorescent imide compound and a red fluorescent polyimide having ESIPT ability

P6 Marina Doi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Long-lived luminescence induced by continuous UV irradiation of imide compounds dispersed in films

P7 Ryuichi ISODA (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

High pressure induced change in aggregated state and optical properties of a brominated polyimide”

P8 Yuta OHSAKO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Correlation between high dimensional structure, degree of crosslinking and thermal expansion of thermally cross-linkable polyimide”

P9 Hiroka Yamamatsu (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Properties of Imide Compound and Polyimide having Thianthrene in the Main Chain”

P10 Yuya ITO (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

“Analysis of luminescence properties of imide compounds having nitrogen-containing heterocycles induced by ultra-high pressure”

P11 Ririka Sawada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

“Synthesis and Optical, Thermal and Dielectric Properties of Novel Semi-alicyclic Polyimides Containing Plant-based Structure” 

P12 Atsuto MOMOZE (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

“Unique Thermal Expansion Properties of Multiblock Copolyimide Films based on Phase-Separated Structure”

P13 Tamako Nakamura (Ochanomizu University)

Synthesis of Perfluoroalkylene Unit Containing Polyimides Using Photoreaction”

P14 Yasuhisa Arao (Toho University) “Solution-processaable Colorless Polyimides Derived from Novel Cycloaiphatic Tetracarboxylic Dianhydride (6)

P15 Kohei KIKUCHI (Toho University )

“Polybenzoxazoles with Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (5).  Effect of Novel Bis(o-aminophenol) Monomers”

P16 Hikaru Sugihara (Toho University )

“Colorless Polyimides Obtained from Novel Spiro-type monomers (4)”

P17 Ryoya Tsuyuki (Toho University )

“Ultra-Lowmodulus Polyimides (18).  Improvement of non-flammability by Phosphorus-containing monomers”

P18 Sera Satou (Ibaraki University)

“Synthesis and Properties of π-Conjugated Polymers Containing Fluorinated Polycyclic Aromatic Units”

P19 Tatsuro Hisa (Ibaraki University)

“Synthesis and Properties of Polystyrene Bearing Cyclic Perfluoroalkylene Groups”

P20 Hiroto Tsukada (Ibaraki University)
“Synthesis of Fluorinated Aromatic Polymers Containing Perfluoroalkylene Groups in the Main Chain”

P21 Kazuki Shiitsuka (Ibaraki University)

“Synthesis of fluorine-containing poly(phenylene vinylene) bearing hexafluorocyclopentene(HFCP)-fused phenanthrene unit”

P22 Takumi Sato (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

Synthesis of bio-based polyamide with a catechol group in the side chain”

P23 Jiabei Zhou (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

 “Toughening of Ultrahigh Thermoresistant Biopolybenzimidazoles by Forming Porous Structure”

P24 Maninder Singh (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

 “Polycinnamoyls Composites with Poly(butylene succinate) as Greener Bioplastics”

P25 Kazuki Watanabe (Iwate University)

  “Synthesis and low dielectric properties fluorinated polyarylene ethers”

P26 Bunta Fujiya  (Iwate University)

“Synthesis and properties of polyarylene ether with triphenyltriazine unit”


P27 Yoshiki Komaki  (Iwate University)

“Development of new low-dielectric materials based on thymol”

P28 Mirai Saijo  (Iwate University) “Efficient inclusion of acetalated hydroquinone in PEG-PLLA polymer micelles”

P29 Kota Nishizawa (Iwate University)

“Synthesis and characterization of Poly(arbutin)-g-Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate)”

P30 Miyu Satake (Iwate University)

“Synthesis and Properties of Trialkyl Cellulose from Cellulose Triacetate”

P31 RYOTA SHIBATA (Iwate University)

Introduction of azacalix arenetriazine into high molecular weight polyethyleneimine and its properties”

P32 Kenta Ishizuka (Iwate University)

“Synthesis of low dielectric constant polycyanurate with alicyclic structure”

P33 Shunta Takahashi (Iwate University)

“Synthesis and low dielectric properties of fluorinated polybenzoxazoles”

P34 Mitsutoshi Jikei (Akita University)

“Synthesis of Hyperbranched Polyphenylene Using Aryl Dichloride Monomer and Its Evaluation as an Electrode for Li-Ion Batteries”

P35 Yuri Kyoya (Natl. Inst. Tech., Hachinohe Coll.)

“Synthesis and properties of colorless polyimides using CpODA  

P36 Jieyuan Zhang (Waseda University)

“Reactivity Control of Diamine with CO2 for Synthesis of Transparent Alicyclic Polyimide Films”  


Poster presentation by company

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